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Manufacturing Technology and Quality

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Manufacturing Technology and Quality

A High Level of Flexibility Due to a Consistent Production System

Our consistent manufacturing system, comprising raw materials, forging, and machining, allows us to meet a wide variety of customer needs.

Capable of Handling a Wide Range of Steels

Due to our unceasing pursuit of forging and machining techniques, we are capable of handling a wide range of steels.

Achievements and Customer Trust Based on a Long History

Due to our technology cultivated over our 80 year history, we have delivered products in a wide variety of fields ranging from marine and general machinery to nuclear applications. Our products, which boast superior technical standards, enjoy a high reputation.

Pursuit of Customer Satisfaction Through System Utilization

Due to our established production control system, we can deliver customized and special products on time and with reliable quality.

We manufacture highly reliable products utilizing a consistent production control system comprising raw materials, forging, heat treatment, and machining, as well as a thorough quality control system. quality control system
  • ISO9001 accreditation and registration
  • Works authorized to indicate Japanese Industrial Standards accreditation (JIS B2220)
  • Steel forging works approved by LRS
  • Steel forging works approved by NK, steel forging works approved by NV
  • BV Mode II approved works
  • Steel forging works approved by KR
  • Low temperature application aluminum alloy steel forging works approved by NK, LRS, NV, and KR
  • Boiler pressure vessel works approved by NK
  • Nuclear application steel forging works approved by a variety of companies