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List of Certifications


Foreign Standards
ASME ("U" Stamp)
Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Pressure Vessel) issued by the People's Republic of China

Various Classification Societies

Manufacturing works authorized by ClassNK (NIPPON KAIJI KYOKAI): NK
Lloyd's Resister of Shipping: LR
Lloyd's Resister of Shipping: NV
Lloyd's Resister of Shipping: BV
Lloyd's Resister of Shipping: AB

Domestic Standards
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Welding coordination process
  (Non-governmental Products Certification thermal power)
Certified factory for Welding under High Pressure Gas Safety Act

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Works authorized to manufacture boilers and first class pressure vessels

Welder Qualifications

Welders authorized according to ASME Sec. IX
Welders authorized according to JIS
Welders authorized according to the Electricity Utilities Industry Law
Welders authorized according to the Ordinance on the Safety of Boilers and Pressure Vessels