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Manufacturing Technology and Quality

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Technology and Quality


We are highly experienced in the design of heat exchangers for a wide variety of applications including power plants, waste incineration plants, ship equipment, chemical plants, paper manufacturing plants, and fuel cells.

In many cases, we are responsible for designing the products ordered by our customers.
We handle all kinds of design needs due to our comprehensive design abilities with regard to both basic and production design.

We can handle not only domestic standards, but also all other standards including foreign and classification society standards.

Based on our analyses and experience, we clear problems with heat exchangers such as vibration, noise, and corrosion.

We use a wide variety of experimental equipments in our endeavors to develop high-efficiency, compact, and light heat exchangers, and in our pursuit of next-generation heat exchangers.


In production, we have established a thorough quality control system for strict quality control comprising design and manufacture.

We have achieved the following accreditations and manufacture approvals:

  • ISO9001 accreditation and registration
  • ASME ("U" Stamp) accredited works
  • Manufacture License of Special Equipment (Pressure Vessel) issued by the People's Republic of China
  • Works authorized to manufacture boilers and pressure vessels by various certification societies (NK, LR, NV, BV, AB, KR)
  • Welding works authorized according to technical standards for thermal and nuclear power plant equipment
  • Certified factory for Welding under High Pressure Gas Safety Act
  • Works authorized to manufacture boilers and first class pressure vessels